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The poetry of earth is never dead:

The poetry of earth is ceasing never.

Poetry Daily
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Post classic & modern poetry as often as you'd like for a group of fellow poetry-lovers to discuss!
Poetry Daily.

It's always nice to look on your friends page and see beautiful, timeless poetry. Post as often as you want - however, please only post published poetry, whether old or new. Although it's fun to see other people's opinion of your own work, there are other communities for that purpose and this community serves to provide something thought-provoking and occasionally familiar. Share your appreciation for the classics!

When posting, please tag your entry with the full name of the poet. It would also be appreciated if the name of the poem, and any other interesting information about the poem or poet, were included in the post (though these are not necessary). Introduction posts, posts about poetry in general, etc, are allowed; however, you must include a poem with every post.

Note: Lyrics are a form of poetry, in my opinion. Poetic lyrics are acceptable.

Please do not post your own poetry in this community.
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